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Working side by side with our clients we have been able to help them grow and obtain great successes, which at the same time are ours because they endorse the good work we do and have made us a benchmark SEO agency in Barcelona.

Anthony Morand
Digital Business Manager del Grupo Eden Springs

Miquel A. Mora
CTO & Co-Founder Housfy

Jordi Ordóñez
Expert e-commerce consultant

Josep Navajo
Founding Partner at Delvy

Javier Sanchez-Marco
CEO & Co-Founder de Furgo

Our success stories

5 December, 2018

Cuideo: The growth of a project in the elder care sector – iSocialweb Success Story

The project we will be discussing today is a success story in a relatively short time. In order to have a wider vision of its evolution […]
8 November, 2018

98% growth in the gaming sector – iSocialweb Success Story

Gaming as a niche sector As you well know, the games sector (minigames, applications, etc.) moves a lot of traffic (and with it money). This is […]
26 October, 2018

E-commerce: From Penalty to Sector Benchmark – iSocialweb Success Story

When you get a project penalized in Google In this success case we bring you an e-commerce that came to us 4 years ago. First of all […]
26 October, 2018

How do we position transactional keywords with high CPC in an SEO strategy? – iSocialweb Success Story

Attacking high CPCs with SEO On this occasion the success case that concerns us is that of, a project in a very competitive sector and high […]
26 October, 2018

Housfy: Growth of a startup in the real estate sector – iSocialWeb Success Story

After the great reception of the first success case of iSocialWeb, we have proposed to share with you some of the work in which we work […]
15 October, 2018

How did we get the fastest growing website in its sector in Spain? – iSocialWeb Success Story

As Sistrix announces on his blog, “many SEOs do a very good job but may not have gained as much visibility“. In this successful case we […]

Some of our clients

Housfy “I highly value how iSocialWeb is able to adapt to the necessities of a start-up depending the cycle we are. At Housfy, we hired them when we were launching and it was a great decision. I would describe them as dedication, strategy and growth.” - Daniel Bosch, Housfy CEO Eden “iSocialWeb entered the project just 3 months before a web migration and optimization of the data collection process and tracking of conversions. The project was very ambitious because it had to be coordinated with more than 15 markets, different languages and a very short implementation time. We managed to launch in the proposed deadline and with the goals we had set, so now we continue working with them. I have seen few agencies that integrate themselves so well in multinationals of our size.” - Anthony Morand, Digital Business Manager of Eden Springs Group JD “iSocialWeb has been our provider of web design, positioning and counseling on social media for many years, and they have contributed very positively to our company’s development. They have become a key partner for our growth and expansión. We want to highlight their great profesional and huma qualities, their implication and commitment to our projects and the SOLUTIONS in order to transmit our services. We recommend iSocialWeb as great experts and professionals online marketing and positioning.” - José Luís Cáceres de Tena, JD Immigration db “The team at iSocialWeb is really profesional, they are always ready to fulfill any task you have in order to work fast and efficiently. You can quicky see the results thanks to a complete dedication to their clients.” - Susana Martín, Grup Bladé M “After two bad experiences with other companies from the same sector, someone recommended iSocialWe to us and after meeting them we take a bet and we didn’t miss. In a few days, we had a new website, much earlier tan expected, and very well positioned. Since then, results have always been excellent. They are truly profesional experts that know how to do their job and execute it perfectly while offering great results for their clients. We definitely recommend them.” - Daniel, Marben Abogados

We are experts in turning your website into the best tool to make your presence profitable.

We are not gurus, nor do we do magic. Instead, through analysis, constant improvement and effort we seek to make projects grow and do so as efficiently as possible.

With more than 10 years in the digital marketing sector, we have a long career and great experience helping clients from different sectors to increase their online visibility and maximize the possibilities of doing business on the Internet.

And when we say that we offer results, These are not empty words, but rather data that support us. For example, with Estudi Dental Barcelona we increase web traffic by more than 1300% in a year. Would you like us to do the same with your website?

Getting these figures is not easy in a sector as competitive as dental clinics, because treatments cost a lot of money and the marketing departments of the competition invest large amounts in advertising.

Although we don't renounce that way of getting visits, SEO is a long-term job with lower costs, so if you want a lasting success strategy, that's a good way to go.

One of the hallmarks of iSocialWeb is our versatility to adapt to the characteristics of each sector. An example of this is Housfy, an online real estate agency that in just 3 months tripled the organic traffic to its website.

We create the perfect strategy for your business

For example, the niche of lawyers has a high CPC, so the work we did in the acquisition of organic traffic allowed one of our clients to reduce its investment in SEM by 54 thousand euros.

We also work on our own projects in different sectors where we can implement actions that can then be useful in the work for our clients.

In one of these websites we worked on SEO consciously, especially on a good keyword structure and the link building strategy. With all the positioning actions we achieve the milestone of ONE MILLION VISITS in a single day. Would you like to have that figure on your website?

If you want to have a corporate website that establishes itself as a reference in the sector, at iSocialWeb we have all the professional tools and human capital necessary to give it the push it needs.

Do you want to be successful online?

We will study your business as if it were our own

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