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One of the great satisfactions of working as an seo is that you always have the opportunity to help consolidate projects in the launch phase such as

This client has an innovative and sustainable approach to the world of coffee.

Helping them consolidate the organic channel, free up resources from SEM campaigns and improve conversions in a short time has been quite a challenge:


(Ahrefs >site explorer> Overview 2.0>Performance) – Term 1st Semester 2021 vs 1st Semester 22 for domain:

Next, we leave you a preview of the results achieved by our team made up of Josevi and Jorge in relation to the organic channel for the Incapto website:

  • Multiply by 2.2 the relative weight of the channel in the project with respect to the 1st semester of the previous year
  • Achieve an accumulated growth of 85.33% compared to the 1st semester of 2021
  • Increase billing by 145% until reaching 20% of the total for the channel

You will agree that achieving results similar to these is within the reach of very few SEOs.

Let us now take a closer look at the case at hand:

Starting Point: What is Incapto and what are its immediate objectives was born as an alternative to consuming coffee in capsules.

Its mission is to democratize the consumption of coffee beans to become a real alternative to encapsulated coffee.

A market segment dominated by multinationals such as Nestlé (Nespresso, Dolce Gusto,…,) Jacobs Douwe Egberts, national toasters, etc…

All this in a market where the consumption of coffee beans is not as popular as in the rest of the countries of central and northern Europe.

However, the differential point of the project:

A coffee bean subscription service that includes super-automatic coffee machines capable of grinding the grain instantly and preparing a rich espresso in 30 seconds without leaving your home.

An all-in-one that has the advantage of being much tastier and healthier for the environment.

This point, ended up convincing us to get involved with the founders of Incapto, led by Joaquim, Francesc and Beatriz, supported by Arnau Chief product manager of Incapto.

A great asset for the whole project.

The Opportunity in the Saturated Coffee Market

Aware, as we say, that competition in this industry is tough, but the recycling problem that coffee capsules entail and their high cost offer a good market opportunity.

We got down to work to build the alternative to Nespresso in the online channel.

We all know that Nespresso is a big brand and a dominant player.

Nestlé, the parent company, also owns Dolce Gusto and Nescafé.

And it controls 50% of the spanish B2B and B2C market.

Furthermore, coffee beans are residual in Spanish homes and businesses.

To which we must add that to extract it you need a coffee maker with a grinder that is much more expensive and complex to use.

Problems that do not exist in the omnipresent encapsulated coffee market due to the ease and convenience of this format for consumption.

Therefore, there was the question of being able to open a gap in the SERPs for our client.

And all this, despite the fact that the need exists and the subscription business model, coffee beans, has shown its validity in the offline and B2B channel.

The Challenge: Unseat coffee manufacturers and distributors from the SERPs

The truth is that in an industry with players as powerful as the aforementioned Nespresso and even e-commerce like Amazon, or Media Markt, it makes you dizzy to get to work.

In this sense, going straight for the juiciest transactional keywords is crazy.

But, how to avoid a frontal assault without having alternative keywords?

That is the real challenge for a new entrant.

Identify valid opportunity keywords that can be profitable in the short term and then set higher goals.

Well, in this case, the answer came by focusing on creating and optimizing a product category page (coffee machines capable of grinding the coffee bean in a short time) adapting it to the search intention of the users.

This has been a great move on the side of the iSocialWeb team, given the results obtained, as shown in the graph:

comparativa nespresso


(Ahrefs >site explorer> Overview 2.0> Best pages>Performance) – Period from July 01, 2021 to May 31, 2022

A x3 in organic traffic for the entire new cluster of coffee machines:

image 1

(Ahrefs >site explorer> Overview 2.0> Average organic traffic) – Period from July 01, 2021 to June 01, 2022

At the same time we decided to work on the B2B market-oriented part of the business.

Much less attractive in terms of volume but much easier to position.

The great jump in qualified organic traffic and keywords positioned on the first page of results, show the success of the applied SEO strategy.

All this with the added merit of having a lower authority domain than the competition and launching new URLs in almost the entire cluster.

So… What did you do on iSocialweb to blow up the SERPs?

The Fix: Consolidate SEO Signals on a New Category Page

The Incapto website started from its conception with a strategy and planning designed for SEO performance.

However, to date, the type of URLs that were submitted for indexing had been neglected, leading to many unnecessary URLs being indexed. Likewise, the main structure and the way of channeling traffic to the main transactional URLs was not well organized and they did not take into account the customer journey and conversion funnel.

In addition, the search intent of the most important URLs at the business level was not well resolved.

Let’s take a closer look at what we’re talking about:

Problems detected and a differential strategy to correct them

Below we summarize the main points to correct that we detected:

  • Presence of poor or duplicate content that hindered crawling.
  • Poorly resolved search intentions in Top Business URLs.
  • Absence of a customer journey and conversion funnel that would drive traffic from informational searches to transactional landings.
  • Unoptimized internal linking to top business URLs.
  • An upgradeable robots.txt file for crawling.
  • Low Authority EAT of the author of the blog articles.
  • Absence of entities.
  • External link profile little worked without media, websites and blogs on related topics.

All this could be solved without much problem by choosing to fix each of the points in a conventional way.

However, we decided to speak with the owners to propose an alternative strategy where the focus would be on resolving the search intent of the project’s Top URLs:


And then work on all the other points mentioned but consolidating the signals around new top business URLs.

So we kill two birds with one stone.

In this way, as soon as the SEO Audit was finished, the iSocialweb team got down to work.

Consolidating the signals around the new category URLs

Instead of attacking the SERPs by product, we created a new category page ( where:

  • Include all models of coffee machines for sale from Incapto.
  • Redirect force from the old URLs to the new ones.
  • Work internal linking giving priority to this URL.
  • Include this page in sitemap.
  • Apply the SEO conversion funnel taking into account this URL.
  • And work on the Link Building to give authority to the new category URL.

In such a way that we consolidate the positioning signals against the search engine.

image 2
image 3

Redirection to a new category page: super automatic coffee machines

image 4

image 5


Thus, we managed to move from an approach focused on capturing traffic for the product (black coffee maker) to grouping efforts around the category page, better responding to the user’s search intent for “super-automatic coffee makers, grain coffee makers, etc..”

In addition, this allowed us to optimize the internal connection and reinforce the force transmitted to the 3 types of coffee machines marketed by Incapto.

In total we created up to 4 new URLs in March for the B2C segment:


Giving all the love to the main category:

A simple strategy yet very effective.

Final denouement:

Consolidating ranking signals is a risky SEO strategy if you don’t know what you’re doing.

It is very easy to be wrong.

And it is that, putting the focus on a single page or set of TOP URLs can turn against you.

Fortunately, we were very clear about what and how it should be done so that the results were immediate in that same month of March:

image 6

(Ahrefs >site explorer> General view> – Period from January 31, 2022 to June 01, 2022

As you can see, the new URL betrayed almost 4,000 monthly visits from 284 different words within a few days:

image 7

In this way, we managed to position the category page for the target word cluster: bean coffee machines and super-automatic coffee machines.

In addition to all its derived keywords.

As we see in the following table:

image 8

(Ahrefs >site explorer> Organic keywords> Position 1-20 and Keyword Does not consent: Unable) – Period from January 31, 2022 to June 01, 2022

Also, we take advantage of the situation to optimize from the point of view of conversion by changing the design.

Working at the same time the B2B company vertical, from several specific landing pages with long tail words that are easy to position but highly profitable.

Specifically we create all these new URLs:


and this one for coffee subscriptions:


Getting to position on the first page for almost all of them as you can see below:

image 9
image 10

This explains why the new web traffic captured has led to a much higher growth in conversions in relative terms for the project as a whole.


It is important to mention the success obtained in the creation of entities.

Thanks to our own methodology, in a short period of time we generated the brand entity for Incapto and team members, such as: Beatriz Mesas Lopez, Q Arabica Grader at Incapto and professional coffee taster.

This has helped improve the visibility of the entire project.

Final thoughts:

Without a doubt, the fact that Incapto has a great team that has developed its own product, providing a differential approach to the market: signature coffee beans by subscription

It has been decisive in our strategy to guarantee success.

This coupled with the combination of:

  • Web design improvements
  • adaptation to search intent,
  • Internal Linking Optimization
  1. And a good job of the domain authority both at the level of brand entity and Top URLs

It has allowed us to achieve in just over a month:

  • Ranking for 284 new keywords for the whole of the new B2C cluster
  • Capture up to 3,841 monthly users
  • And rank 56 target keywords for the top 20 search results not counting branding terms.
  1. Winning highly competitive terms for the B2B segment such as: coffee machines for hotels, coffee subscription or coffee machines for the hotel industry

To which we must add the indirect benefits for the paid channel.

And, this SEO success has allowed Incapto to free up valuable resources to invest in their PPC campaigns.

This is when you realize that SEO and PPC are complementary.

And the investment in both can be balanced to optimize results by diversifying risks.

For all this, we are proud to have contributed to making a grain of sand to make coffee a more sustainable and fair world.

Alvaro Pena
Head of SEO and co-CEO en iSocialWeb

Co-CEO and Head of SEO at iSocialWeb, an agency specialized in SEO, SEM, and CRO that manages over +350M organic visits per year with a 100% decentralized infrastructure. Also, the founder of Virality Media, a company with over 150 million monthly active visits across various sectors and industries. A Systems Engineer by training and an SEO by vocation. An avid learner, AI enthusiast, and dreamer of prompts.

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