Nubimed Success Story: 68% more Leads and x3 more Traffic

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From iSocialWeb we want to share with you the case of success of Nubimed, one of our clients dedicated to the sale of management software for medical clinics, which since it started working with us on SEO in April 2020, has experienced a growth in organic traffic of 220.79% (comparing the last 5 months vs same months of the previous year, due to seasonality); and has increased the acquisition of leads by 67.92%.

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Also, the number of keywords ranked in Google since April 2020 has increased by 126.66%.
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Keys for improving your positioning

1. Identification of the type of keywords to be positioned

At the beginning of the project, there was previous content marketing work focused on informative keywords. Many of the articles were not focused on search intent, so we optimized those with the highest conversion potential. Being a project in a very specific sector, expanding the market share through informative content with transactional intent, allowed us to expand the reach towards the target audience of the software and through CRO, to increase the acquisition of leads.

2. Business keywords definition

Analyzing the top URLs of a business is important to understand what should be prioritized and how to approach the structure of the website. Through keyword research and competitor analysis, an expansion of this content was carried out and specific landings were created, focusing on long-tail keywords due to the low initial authority of the project, to be able to take a slice of the pie against the competitors with a larger trajectory.

3. Information architecture oriented to business

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Defining a linking strategy is key to distributing internal authority. In general, it is common to give great importance to external authority and leave internal authority distribution in the background. At the beginning of the project, there was no intentional interlinking, which is still being continuously worked on to enhance the project’s URLs of opportunity.

4. Cleaning similar contents

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Another important pillar was the cleaning of content with high similarity. When a large content strategy is carried out, search intentions are often duplicated and in many cases, there are bad practices, such as the copy and paste of identical blocks of text. If this happens on a large part of a website, a deep cleanup is necessary.

5. Link building in specialized media

nubimed link building
Link building is one of the most important areas for any project where there is competition, that is, the majority. The initial authority of the project was very low, from iSocialWeb we worked on the achievement of quality links in thematic media with a high semantic affinity, promoting those business URLs with more ability to attract leads. To do this, we relied on Growwer for the achievement of quality prospects where to get related links.

6. CTR optimization

With our CTR optimization protocol, we look for the opportunities offered by Google through an exhaustive study of the search intent according to the data obtained in Google Search Console, adapting to the maximum the different user intentions and adjusting to the changes in the SERPs. In conclusion, thanks to the work done to understand the client’s sector, analyze its initial strengths and its short, medium and long term opportunities, together with the improvement of internal authority, a planned interlinking and the improvement of external authority through an adequate link building work, Nubimed has managed to improve its qualified organic traffic with an increase of 67.92% of leads.
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Head of SEO and co-CEO at iSocialWeb. CMO at Growwer. Specializes in conversion optimization and Experiential Marketing.

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