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After the great reception of the first success case of iSocialWeb, we have proposed to share with you some of the work in which we work and demonstrate with it the great potential that SEO has in different sectors and types of business . If you haven’t seen our first success story yet, stop by the article where we counted how we reached our first million visits IN ONE DAY in our own project. Today it’s not a project of our own what we bring you, but to one of our clients: Housfy, the real estate agency that seeks to burst the real estate market and that is currently on its way to do so, thanks to key points such as:
  • Having achieved more than 1 million euros in funding (see article)
  • Having an average sale of two properties per day
  • Growing at a rate of 27% monthly
  • Achieve Sell portal-advertised dwellings in less than 90 days
Well, let’s get into it. The real estate sector is a competitive and difficult market niche, where there are usually high budgets, keywords with high CPC’s and a very specific customer target. It certainly doesn’t seem like the best scenario to start a new project from scratch and succeed with it. But this is the great thing about the world of startups, it poses you great challenges with which to be better every day. As we told you earlier today we will talk about Housfy. You’ve probably seen them advertise on TV. In the spot, a nice dinosaur advises you to go into the 21st century to sell or buy your real estate through its online platform, where they don’t charge commissions and they only make a profit by paying a fixed fee when the sale takes place. If you want to see it, here you have the video:
After the introduction let’s go to the important stuff!

The man lives not only from SEO

First of all, it would be unfair to attribute the success of a project like Housfy in isolation. And before starting to show data, we want to highlight that this project works different channels of traffic acquisition in addition to organic, and one of its strongest points is the pay traffic through Adwords, which is managed by Elogia in a remarkable way. We also want to highlight the work of the Housfy technical team commanded by Miquel A.Mora, who always gives a yes or an answe to any technical requirement, and the great commercial and management work of Albert Bosch.

The evolution of organic traffic in these few months worked

In just 4 months after the initial audit, we were able to triple the baseline organic traffic data that the web. had. The Housfy project entered iSocialweb in mid-September 2017 and the following graph obtained from Semrush shows the evolution respect to organic traffic in the last 4 months: crecimiento housfy 2 As an interesting fact it can be observed that the estimated cost of the keywords positioned through the organic channel is assuming an estimated savings of $7,400 per month for this client on the PPC channels (Adwords). In the visibility index shown by the Sistrix tool we can see how in the last few months the domain has been acquiring more and more scope and authority: sistrix housfy

Relevant points of the SEO strategy

We highlight 3 of the strong points in the strategy followed in this client, although evidently there were more: 1) The importance of content quality. The project presented a basic problem and in a certain way difficult to solve: it generated a multitude of urls with poor content and a high percentage of similarity between the different urls of real estate ads and grouping these in locations with SEO value. We decided altogether with the client to provide those urls with a 100% unique and original content that would be generated manually. The objective was to have quality content that satisfied the user’s search and was relevant to Google’s niche. The effect on SEO was positive, improved keywords in Google SERPS, increased the number of visits and directly influenced the acquisition of customers for Housfy. 2) Definition of a clusterized information architecture by main services and customer needs. We analyzed the initial web structure of the project and saw a series of deficiencies and improvements to be implemented immediately. We restructured the whole website, as well as the sitemap of the domain focusing on the main services offered by Housfy to its customers, reassigning the level of web architecture that each of the content clusters should have and the result was a better distribution of the linkjuice of the own domain to the main categories and therefore a better positioning of these.. 3) Variations in the internal linking of the web. We optimized the internal linking of the Housfy domain. The objective was to give greater importance and authority to the main sections or container pages so that the Google crawler would have them more present and understand that they are the most relevant on the web. In addition with these changes we seek to improve efficiently how the linkjuice should be distributed in the different urls.. These actions, together with the rest, have allowed the project to reach Top for some keywords important as:. keywords housfy evolucion 2


In just 4 months we have been able to multiply x3 the organic traffic that the project had when it entered our agency. It is a project with a competitive niche and high difficulty, however the growth is constant and positive, as shown in the graphs above. Factors influencing change:
    • Good management of the contents of the whole website. Control and optimization of the contents with high percentage of danger of thin and similarity content.
    • Correct link building strategy. Based on brand, where the origin and origin of the links are prioritized, as well as their anchors and their contextualization.
    • Successful implementation of the web architecture. Based on the importance of the categorization of the sections, the different levels of indexation and the good distribution of linkjuice from the domain to main categories.
It is difficult to determine the ceiling of this particular project and in fact we have many ideas to make it higher than it is. We must continue working the SEO actions defined in our planning, implement them for improvement and at iSocialWeb we are sure that it can reach much higher quotas in a relatively short period. So in a few months we can do the second part of this article and be able to show you the evolution it will have had until then. An SEO job consisting of a clean and non-aggressive linkbuilding strategy added to work aligned with the client’s development team (in this case Housfy) is the basis for success in any medium- to long-term online project. Performing constant audits to observe how it evolves and see the real status of the project is essential to achieve the objectives set.

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