Facebook Ads Case Study: How to Multiply Sales By 4 Times a High-Ticket Beauty Product

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In the world of e-commerce, making a product stand out from the plethora of options out there can be a real challenge. This is the case of Glo a beauty e-commerce that sells a high-end electric anti-cellulite massager.

For our PPC experts, the challenge from the outset was double: not only did they have to stand out from the competition, but they also had to convince potential customers that their flagship product, the massager, was worth it, because despite having an above-average price tag, the device incorporates advanced technology and features superior to the vast majority of competing products.

However, thanks to a well-designed and executed Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads marketing strategy, Glo has managed to significantly increase its sales and improve its return on investment.

In particular, here’s what we have achieved for the brand:

  • A 296% increase in the number of purchases. 
  • a 63.33% reduction in the cost per purchase 
  • a 309.02% increase in the volume of turnover

Thanks to the work of Alba Brotons and the proactive collaboration of the client, we can be proud to have taken the ROAS from 1.98 to 5.57.

And all this was accomplished in a period of 78 days, which is a significant achievement.

Please continue reading below as we discuss the details and challenges we faced in achieving these numbers.


Below are the ins and outs we went through to get these numbers.

Please read on:

Starting point: Exceptional product but low conversions

Alright, now that we have enticed you with the achieved results, let’s discuss the context of our client and their product: 

Glo910 is a sophisticated non-invasive device created to diminish cellulite while improving a person’s lymphatic drainage.

Its design has been recognized and awarded for its effectiveness, featuring a robust motor that efficiently breaks down adipose tissue. 

Additionally, the product is praised for its natural, painless qualities, and its user-friendly nature.

The anti-cellulite device can be purchased on various platforms, such as Amazon, Macy’s and shops like El Corte Inglés, and is intended for home use and specifically designed by medical professionals.

All of these factors make it an excellent option, as you know, there is no better marketing than a good product. Right?

However, as much as we may reiterate it, having a good product or service is only half of the equation in the short term.

Without effective marketing, it is very difficult to market and sell this type of device.

Although the Glo910 is an exceptional anti-cellulite massage machine, it costs 8 to 10 times more than alternative products.

This makes it challenging for the target audience to make a quick purchasing decision.

As a result, our client was investing money in campaigns that barely yielded profitability due to a lack of conversions.

This was a situation we needed to change in the very short term: we’re talking about days, not weeks or months.

The problem: a high-priced and unknown product

Glo’s electric anti-cellulite massager is a high-end product that excels in both performance and price compared to most electric massagers available in the market.

However, the high price posed a challenge in convincing customers of its worth as an investment.

 It completely eliminated impulse purchases. 

While electric massagers are often bought on a whim, the price of this product made it a more considered purchase. 

Customers needed to understand why it was worth the expense before making a buying decision.

Furthermore, as a beauty product, we faced tough competition from numerous options and well-established brands in the market, many of which were significantly cheaper and targeted a wider audience.

Therefore, as the campaigns were below the required break-even point, our main objective was to “refocus” them on an appropriate target audience.

An unsustainable situation in the short term that had to be radically changed.

This made things very complicated.

Since it meant practically tackling two very different problems at the same time.

Fortunately, the vast experience of our team in handling such situations, along with their expertise in analyzing campaign data, enabled us to resolve the issue.

Now, let’s delve into how we achieved it:

The solution: Understanding the challenge of selling a high-end electric anti-cellulite massager.

The biggest challenge we faced was convincing potential customers that Glo’s massager is worth the price.

Most electric massagers are priced between €30 and €60, but the Glo910 massager is priced at over €369. However, the company claims that the Glo massager’s results are much more effective, quicker and more visible, especially when used consistently.

To increase sales of its flagship product, we coordinated a comprehensive marketing strategy that spanned multiple channels and tactics.

Our focus was on improving the communication of perceived value to the target audience.

The following are some of the actions that were carried out:

1. Define the right target audience for the product

We found that potential users found it difficult to understand the value of the massager compared to other electric massagers, especially if they had not used one before.

To improve the sales campaign data, we decided to invest time in testing different approaches and defining the most profitable target audience.

Thus, after several tests and the analysis of the data, we focused the campaigns on:

  • An age range corresponding to women between 35 and 60 years old.
  • We defined the interests detected as relevant for the campaigns.
  • And we used the formats that worked best: videos with high-end aesthetics in line with the target audience and with detailed copy.

In this way, we generated targeted campaigns that were more likely to resonate with the audience.

2. Leverage the brand's guerrilla marketing

We encouraged the team to promote the product’s benefits, taking advantage of the fact that they had also started organizing usage challenges on social networks every 2–4 months, where customers were invited to use the massager daily for several weeks.

During these challenges, customers received advice and support in live WhatsApp/Telegram groups, organic social media posts, and emails.

For these challenges, we worked extensively on the email marketing strategy, fueled by on-target PPC campaigns:

  • First with lead generation campaigns: continuous A/B testing to see if we were getting cheaper and good quality leads, taking users to an on-site landing page on the website, or directly registering leads through Meta’s own forms campaigns.
  • And later for sales with retargeting.

Both campaigns proved to be a great success, allowing us to first feed the lead funnel and then boost sales closing.

This allowed Glo to deepen and develop their email marketing strategy, enhancing their brand image.

3. Optimization of the product feed in Meta and catalog campaigns

On the other hand, we put a lot of effort into optimizing the product feed in Meta campaigns.

This way, we ensured that Glo’s massager device would be shown to the right people at the right time, increasing the chances of conversion.

This helped to improve conversion rates in Social Ads campaigns.

4. Improved video campaigns for Facebook and Instagram ads

Additionally, we capitalized on the brand’s commitment to maintaining a strong image and producing high-quality video materials internally to enhance our Facebook and Instagram ads campaigns.

This approach allowed us to gradually optimize these types of campaigns, which proved to be highly effective.  

As a result, we successfully delivered the company’s message to a more relevant audience, thereby increasing conversion chances.

5. SEO optimization of product listings.

Lastly, it’s important to mention the SEO work conducted by the iSocialweb team to optimize the product listings.

This effort has significantly improved the effectiveness of our campaigns. 

SEO and PPC often complement each other when focused on enhancing the user experience, as is the case here. By enhancing the user experience of the product listings, Meta’s internal algorithms recognize the relevance of the products to a specific audience. 

Increasing exposure and reducing the cost per click.

Doing so makes it easier for customers to find the Glo910 massager and understand why it is worth the investment.

As you can see, we encountered various challenges in selling the anti-cellulite electric massager. 

In the end, by better defining the target audience, running frequent challenges, optimizing the product feed in Meta campaigns, improving video campaigns for Facebook and Instagram Ads and investing in SEO optimization, Glo has improved its chances of converting customers.

All these can be seen as essential levers to achieve the results needed to start making campaigns profitable.

The results: a resounding success.

All the efforts of this refocusing of the marketing strategy supported by iSocialweb have allowed Glo910 to optimise its results.

The evidence is presented below:


Compared to the same period in the previous year, with a 45% increase in ad spend, we achieved:

  • A 296% increase in the number of purchases.
  • A 63.33% reduction in the cost per purchase for Meta campaigns.
  • A 309.02% improvement in purchase value.

The reality is that leveraging the client’s strong brand image and content creation efforts proved to be a successful approach in refining the target audience for Facebook and Instagram campaigns.

While the client was dedicated to generating content and building a strong brand image, we took advantage of these actions to fine-tune the target audience. 

Otherwise, things would have been much more complicated.

Nevertheless, the road to these results was far from straightforward.

Our team acted decisively and efficiently to avoid the wear and tear of a race against the clock, marked by fierce competition, and to offer our customers the best possible outcome. 

At isocialweb we all had this share vision: if Glo performs well, we do well too.


As a result, we were forced into a frenzy of testing and optimizing the campaigns, fine-tuning the data and trial and error to find the appropriate target audience segment to which to direct the bulk of the video and image ads for lead generation.

This was the key from the beginning, given the exceptional nature of the product.

Once the ideal target was found, everything was simpler.

This way: iterating with constant changes and optimizations was revealed as the key strategy for this client. 

A core strategy that at iSocialWeb we master since our foundation.

This allows us to minimize errors and maximize results to achieve our mission: nothing less than delighted customers.

Something very difficult to achieve in such a competitive and constantly evolving industry.

In conclusion: What we can learn to be successful with Facebook Ads

Glo’s success in the Meta campaigns managed by our PPC team, demonstrates the importance of having a professional team capable of:

  • Develop results-driven PPC strategies 
  • Work and co-ordinate at all levels
  • Adapt tactics quickly to make a product stand out in the market.

The key in this case, as in many companies similar to GLO, is to be able to define a specific target to demonstrate the value of the product quickly and effectively.

No doubt, all this combined with:

  • A long experience of our PPC team in charge of the campaigns.
  • A property very attentive to the image and its brand.
  • High coordination to take advantage of guerrilla marketing (periodic challenges from the property).
  • And the continuous optimization of audiovisual resources for PPC campaigns.

They have made it possible to tell you here about the resounding success achieved in the marketing of their star product: Glo910.

Something that is surely only within the reach of the best agencies.

If you found our customer success story inspiring, it's time to take action.

We invite you to connect with one of our specialists who can analyze your unique case and design a customized strategy to optimize your Meta campaigns. By leveraging our expertise in PPC and achieve your business objectives.
We can help you maximize the effectiveness of your campaigns
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