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If there is a sector that has undergone substantial changes in the last few years, this is the health sector and everything related to it, from dental clinics, to psychologists, even the eCommerce of health products or food supplements. Tendencia Google Trends This time we want to show you the evolution, despite the difficulties of the sector, of a project related to this topic. It is a national startup, eCommerce dedicated to natural health and wellness with a presence in 4 countries. If we analyze the sector from a demographic point of view, most of the purchases are made by women between 30 and 55 years old. From a qualitative point of view, most of the customers share an interest in health and wellness, toxic-free products, and care for the environment with a responsible and sustainable trade. Bio-eCommerce has become trendy.

First step: Defining a good strategy and action plan

The project in particular was working on a migration of its current online sales platform Magento 1 for a more updated one with Magento 2. It should be noted that Magento 1 and Magento 2 are very different platforms, so the migration would involve the creation of a new online store where to replicate the functionalities used in the original version. Fortunately, the startup had a team of specialized developers fully dedicated to these actions, which allowed us to focus on the tasks purely focused on SEO.

The importance of a well-defined architecture

With a project of this size, it is important to define some bases and guidelines for a clear and organized architecture, which not only helps Google to crawl the project, but also offers a good user experience. CX UX Among the main actions of the project, we highlight the following:
  • Analysis of targeted keywords for product families, sub-families, categories, brands and products.
  • Implementation through an on-page optimization that includes an analysis of the current situation of the project, its structure, indexability, etc.
  • Analysis of the user experience (UX) to enhance the usability of the website and, by extension, its conversions.
  • Revision of content based on the terminology analysis carried out to expand and optimize existing content.
  • Treatment of discontinued and/or unavailable products.
  • Analysis for the implementation of variables in the metadata for products of certain categories.
  • Log analysis to evaluate Google’s behavior on the site.
  • Detection and correction of errors in the rich snippets of categories and products.

Content is the King or How to improve your rankings with the appropriate keywords

Keeping the structure of the previous point, changes were made at the content level. In this case, we also had a team of copywriters specialized in the different topics, which facilitated the improvement of the pages indicated by us from the SEO point of view. With this action, we were able to provide the main pages with quality content both for the user and for Google. A good analysis of entities and related concepts allowed us to enrich the content and provide it with more SEO value. Priority was given to the Top URLs, chosen both at the SEO level and mainly at the business level, to speed up the visible results in terms of improvements in organic traffic, positioning and conversions. As a highlight, after the implementation of improvements in terms of content, title, descriptions and Hs, one of the keywords with the highest volume of searches related to phytotherapy went from being 3rd page to Top 5. We continued to expand and optimize content for the rest of the sections. It must be taken into account that this is an eCommerce with a high number of registrations that change periodically.

A well-planned off-page strategy

Apart from the content strategy, a link-building strategy was proposed and implemented to strengthen and make the current link profile more natural and to continue improving the site’s authority. This is a project with high authority and important branding work. Due to this, we also contacted certain related blogs and contextualized digital media where the brand was mentioned.

Visibility index evolution

In the next graph we can see how the Sistrix visibility index of the project has risen over time: Indice visibilidad Sistrix Since the beginning of the actions in August 2019 and, as we can see in the Semrush graph, there is an evolution in the trend of organic traffic as a result of the actions carried out. Tendencia tráfico Similarly, there was an increment in the keywords positioned during the period where the actions were carried out: Palabras clave There has been a progressive rise in terminology based on the optimizations performed in terms of content. According to the data registered in March in Semrush, it has approximately 50k keywords positioned in Google Spain and 11k positioned in the Top 10.

Project continuity and progress

From the beginning of the project, we established a work process related to the identification of a keyword per product URL. Due to a large number of products available in the project, the work was structured in different phases. In addition, we organized some monitoring guidelines to face the migration with each of the steps to be followed, among which the following stand out:
  • FForce a complete recrawl of all new URLs.
  • Force reindexing of new URLs.
  • De-indexing or updating old URLs with no value.
We also worked on the decision of the best options for the launch of our own brand and defined the planning of tasks related to international SEO. We are dealing with a project of considerable reputation that, with all the actions carried out, has shown a significant evolution both in organic traffic and in income, and those planned for the new launch are expected to go in the same direction.
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