SEO Manager

What is it and why is it important?

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What is SEO Manager

The SEO Manager is the person in charge of planning, implementing and managing the entire SEO strategy of a company. This role covers all the tasks related to web positioning. From web design to the development of aspects that have a direct impact on SEO, including web analytics, content strategy planning, link building and keyword strategy.

Why this role is important in your company

Regardless of the size of your organization or the volume of daily visits to your website, the role of the SEO manager is crucial for your organization’s sales growth.

This role is responsible for creating and implementing the right SEO strategy that allows sustained growth in the SERPs.

In this way, an SEO Manager must be able to define and coordinate all the resources to maximise the potential of your website regardless of the business model in which you operate.

The main function of the SEO manager is to drive organic traffic to your organization, regardless of whether it is a:

  • ecommerce
  • SaaS
  • marketplace
  • Professional services company
  • Directory
  • Media

Their ultimate goal is to get the coveted top spot in Google.

SEO optimizes a company’s most searchable keywords so that the website can be found. The better the optimization, the better the ranking.

Duties of an SEO Manager

The following is a summary of the most important functions that an SEO Manager should perform:

  1. Plan, develop and implement the SEO strategy.
  2. Work towards optimizing organic search and maximizing ROI.
  3. Conduct thorough keywords research on a regular basis.
  4. Identify key SEO KPIs.
  5. Monitor redirects, click-through rate, bounce rate and other KPIs.
  6. Prepare and submit reports on a regular basis.
  7. Identify our personal shoppers to better target the identified audiences
  8. Identify problems and deficiencies and implement solutions in a timely manner.
  9. Suggest improvements in process optimization and productivity.
  10. Collaborate with web developers and the marketing team.
  11. Keep up to date with the latest trends and best practices in SEO and digital marketing.

How to choose a good SEO Manager

The qualities you should take into account when determining a candidate or person for an SEO Manager position are defined by a mix of core skills and soft skills to be taken into account.

Among the most important of these are:

Ability to lead teams:

This may be a job that is done in isolation, but the results depend on the manager’s ability to coordinate with key players at different departments and levels. In any case, the SEO Manager must demonstrate his or her people’s leadership skills at all levels. In this role, it will always be necessary to coordinate more technical implementations and align the objectives with sales and communication.

The strategic vision of the business, company or organization

An SEO Manager must have a strategic vision and understanding of the business. Only then he will be able to define a long value plan, aligning the goals of the SEO team with those of the business.

Depth of expertise

Every SEO strategy requires tactics that are cleverly used to help to meet the objectives. In this case, the SEO Manager must master the bulk of the most effective organic search tactics, and create alternatives that the team can execute in time to cope with the changing nature of algorithms.

High analytical capacity

SEO Managers need to be able to analyze the data generated by the project, draw conclusions and focus the SEO channel efforts. If you can show how you are performing and how you are sticking to the strategy you recommended, you can save your job again and again. You also need to benchmark your performance and show clear results that you are improving rankings and taking advantage of the areas for improvement.

A demonstrable track record in positioning web projects

At this point, it does not matter whether the projects are big or small. What matters is the background and experience of the SEO Manager demonstrates that he or she has been able to lead successful projects, positioning them in the top three positions of the first page of the search engine.

In conclusion:

An SEO Manager is a marketing professional who masters all the aspects of web positioning.

But he also has extensive knowledge in other digital marketing disciplines that allows him to efficiently integrate the efforts of web positioning with the digital marketing strategy of the entire organization.

Facilitating the capture of organic traffic and also the conversion of this traffic into users of the brand you work for.

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SEO Manager Salary?

As this is a position of responsibility, the average salary for such a profile could be between 30.000€ and 52.000€ per year.

How to become an SEO Manager?

The main requirement is to have demonstrable experience in project management as an SEO specialist. It is recommendable to follow a path similar to this one. Certified SEO course or SEO Master → Minimum 24 months as an agency SEO specialist or 36 months as a specialist in digital Marketing → A broad technical knowledge of SEO, a solid understanding of how to manage projects and lead people as part of a marketing team.

Responsible for SEO and SEM?

In principle, an SEO Manager only deals with the organic part of the projects he/she works for, but it may happen that he/she is also in charge of paid search, being the SEM manager of the company (organic, plus paid search). It is not unusual for the role of SEO manager to be integrated with the Digital Manager.

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