What is it and why is it important?

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What is the CTR (Click through rate) of a Web Page

CTR is the number of clicks divided by impressions. Formula: Clicks ÷ Impressions = Ctr.

The CTR (click through rate) or click rate is a performance metric used to determine the degree of success of any search engine results, online advertising campaign or email marketing. This KPI expresses the percentage of clicks made by users on a specific link over the total number of impressions made by them on a page, an email or an advertisement.

Therefore, it is often used to measure the success of a specific CTA (Call to Action) in any Internet channel.

Why CTR is important in Marketing?

The click-through rate (CTR) speaks of the ability of our marketing team or our digital assets to capture the attention of users in the different acquisition channels that we are working on.


It provides very valuable information about how well or poorly our campaigns are working:

  • Search engine ads
  • Search engine results
  • social media posts,
  • Email marketing campaigns

Allowing us to act on them.

How to calculate the Click Througt Rate or 

Its calculation is very simple.

To begin with, the total number of users who have clicked on the target link is taken, this can be a result in Google, a banner or a CTA within a landing page.

This number is then divided by the total impressions generated by users who have visited the page, opened an email, or viewed an ad.


And to conclude, the result of the fraction is multiplied by one hundred to express the figure as a percentage.

That’s how easy it is to calculate the CTR.

Where we can see the CTR of the pages of our website

It is possible to see the CTR of your pages in the Google search results through the Google Search Console platform.

To do this, simply go to the Search Traffic > Search Analytics section and choose “Pages & CTR”:


How to increase the CTR of a page

To improve the CTR of your ads, there are several key points to consider:

Increase CTR on web page

  1. Includes rich formats. This will make the search engine understand the content better and help to highlight your result from the competition.
  2. Giving answers to search terms can place us in a privileged position, also called position 0.
  3. Create a content index with anchor texts to different sections of the content.
  4. Update content so that it is of recent date.
  5. Optimize SEO titles constantly to improve the CTR taking into account the type of page: transactional, informational, navigational…
  6. Look at the competition and the results that the search engine shows.

Increase CTR in advertising campaigns

  1. Configure available extensions. This will make your ad stand out from the crowd and increase its size.
  2. Create engaging text ads with a clear call to action.
  3. Be sure to include keywords in both the ad title, the body of the ad, and the URL.
  4. Use a custom URL with the keyword.
  5. Check that your offers are up to date.

Click Rate Vs Conversion Rate

Both ratios are performance metrics, but although they are related, they report on very different situations.

While the conversion rate is a final metric that informs us of the percentage of sales generated by a campaign, action, landing page, etc… and measures the success of our offer, the click rate is an intermediate KPI with positive predictive value.


The CTR gives us information about the quality of our advertising campaigns.

And the conversion rate tells us about the suitability of our offer to the user.

In conclusion:

The CTR helps digital marketing professionals to measure the effectiveness of the various online marketing campaigns that we have active.

It can be used in a variety of channels such as adwords ads, social ads, retargeting, email advertising etc…

It can also be used to measure the effectiveness of CTA copy, titles and descriptions that make up search engine results. Since most websites are built to compel users to take an action, click-through rates can help digital marketers know what works and what doesn’t.

Important: This type of tracking does not allow advertisers to know the intention or motivation of the user who has clicked on an ad or content, but it provides very valuable information about the ability to capture attention.

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Preguntas Frecuentes

The CTR is a very widespread performance metric used by both CRO, SEO manager, or PPC managers. To know how to apply it and how to calculate it, as well as all its implications, we recommend that you thoroughly master this concept.

That depends on the niche in question or property where we are performing the calculation. As with this type of performance metric, its value is always relative and what determines whether the rate is good or bad is the average or median of the niche or industry where you are operating.