Case study: SEO Migration and Mobile Payment Terminal Company Website Redesign

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From an SEO standpoint, any web migration – whether due to a domain change, merger with other sites, CMS change or web redesign – is a process with a lot to lose and nothing to gain if everything goes well.

Every SEO migration, as simple as it may seem, is a complex process that requires careful planning to avoid loss of organic traffic and drops in Google rankings.

The slightest error can have fatal consequences in your organic traffic. 

In this context:

The case study we want to share with you is a living testament to how a strategic web redesign observing SEO principles can serve to:

  1. Transform a brand’s image,
  2. And improve search engine visibility.

Below, we will explore the key steps to conduct a successful SEO migration along with a new web design, discuss best practices, and provide tips to avoid common pitfalls that can arise during this crucial process for a website’s online presence.

When renovating a website with SEO in mind, it is critical to maintain and enhance SEO throughout the entire process. 

Here are some key takeaways to consider based on search results:

Key Lessons on SEO Migrations and Web Design

If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to read this now, consider saving this article in your bookmarks or reading the following 4 points:

  1. Preserve SEO Value as a Priority: Protect and retain search engine optimized pages during your website redesign. It’s important to maintain the existing website’s SEO value while making improvements.
  2. Integrate SEO from Day One: Incorporate SEO considerations early on in the redesign process. Proactively integrating SEO into the new website is simpler than trying to remedy issues later.
  3. Ongoing Monitoring: After launch, track the website’s evolution for drops or increases in search rankings and user behavior. This will help identify any changes in performance and make necessary adjustments.
  4. Iterative Optimization: Take an iterative approach to design and continuously optimize the website for better SEO performance.

By following these premises, the renovation of any website can be planned and executed in a way that not only looks visually appealing, but also performs well in terms of SEO and user experience.

What is an SEO Migration for a Web Design?

SEO migration along with a new web design refers to the updating process of a website focusing on the new look and feel, ensuring organic traffic and online visibility are not negatively impacted by it.It doesn’t matter whether you change the navigational architecture, or technical platform along with design, all together with the right search engine optimization (SEO) strategies ensure organic traffic and SERP ranking will be mantain.

Starting Point: Web Redesign Enhancing Image and SEO

Our client, a tech company specializing in the manufacturing and distribution of mobile payment terminals, scanners, printers and mobile handhelds, faced a crucial challenge in its online presence.

They had an outdated website saturated with obsolete information.

Which also generated useless traffic due to keywords associated with discontinued products and errors in applying product snippets.

Therefore, by migrating to a new professional web design, we set out to:

  • Remove over 700 obsolete URLs.
  • Reduce the total URL inventory to less than 200 per language.
  • And optimize search engine visibility by improving the user experience.

Hence migrating to a new professional web design was not only a crucial process to reflect the company’s updated identity.

But also an opportunity to optimize the site structure and improve the website’s SEO.

In this context, the key to success lies in understanding that web redesign is not just an aesthetic issue, but a powerful tool to boost visibility, relevance and efficiency for a company in the vast digital universe.

Now, we’re going to tell you how a strategic web redesign can transform the online presence and enhance SEO.

The Challenge: Eliminate Hundreds of URLs Without Affecting Valuable Organic Traffic

The initial project situation involved the need to filter and eliminate obsolete URLs, such as:

  1. Discontinued products,
  2. Unmarketed accessories,
  3. And product information PDFs for non-existent products.

In addition, the company sought an overall redesign of its website to better reflect its informative approach, since they do not make online sales, but rather offer detailed information about their products and services.

Therefore, we had to transition from a website conceived as an online store to a site envisioned as a component manufacturer.

Much more prepared to serve a professional B2B audience.

The main challenge was managing over 700 obsolete product URLs that were generating non-relevant traffic for the company.

We also had to correct errors detected in applying product snippets and schemas, because the platform was not a conventional e-commerce site but rather a website with informational resources requiring personalized attention.

All this could not be fixed solely from a design conception standpoint.

Something more was needed.

Unique Approach Undertaken by iSocialweb

iSocialweb approached the project with a customized solution.

A detailed study of each URL was carried out in collaboration with the client.

While at the same time advising on the design of the different templates for the new website, presenting the relevant mockups and wireframes.

Additionally, before deployment and development of the new website, we extracted and analyzed data to identify valuable URLs and discard those that distorted the website’s rankings.

So we gain a clear picture of which URLs should migrate, which ones to redirect, and which ones to delete.

The following steps were implemented by the design, web development and SEO team:

  1. 301 Redirects (Permanent): For discontinued products with new versions or groupings, permanent redirections were applied to the updated versions or related products.
  2. 307 Redirects (Temporary): Product pages temporarily out of the market but with the possibility of returning were handled with temporary (307 code) redirections, indicating to Google their current absence but with the option of future return.
  3. 410 Errors (Deleted Pages): URLs with no equivalent or interest to redirect were deleted with a 410 error code, signaling Google that these pages could be deindexed.

The Result: New Professional Web Design and 700 Less URLs

The result was a significant reduction in the number of URLs, going from over 1,000 to just over 200:

image3 1

In addition to eliminating irrelevant traffic and improving the overall site quality. 

Also, by eliminating product snippet errors that were not being applied properly, since the client did not offer online purchases but rather product and service information developed by themselves:

image4 1

The information display was also optimized by creating new templates for category and product pages, in addition to the overall redesign:

image1 1

Thus improving user experience and consolidating the project’s presence in search engines with relevant, updated content.

Final Thoughts

Our work collaborating on web redesign accompanied by a URL cleanup has been a remarkable success in optimizing this client’s online presence.

image2 1

As seen in the image above, migrating to a new web design, strategically eliminating over 700 obsolete URLs, and correcting product data markup errors have led to significantly improved visibility and relevance for the company in Google for key business URLs.

If your company faces similar challenges, or if you’re looking for an effective optimization of your digital presence, don’t hesitate to contact us.

At iSocialweb, we are committed to providing customized solutions that not only resolve immediate problems, but also drive sustainable growth for your business.

Don’t let unnecessary URLs, poor web design, or improperly displayed data markup affect your visibility and conversions.

Click here to talk to our team and discover how we can take your online presence to the next level!

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