iSocialWeb joins Founderz Artificial Intelligence and Innovation Master in collaboration with Microsoft

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In an exciting step towards digital transformation, iSocialWeb announces its partnership with Founderz’s Online Masters in Artificial Intelligence and Innovation, in collaboration with technology giant Microsoft.

iSocialWeb’s digital marketing expertise will enrich Founderz’s artificial intelligence educational approach. This partnership shows how the business, education and technology sectors can converge to drive innovation and growth.

Goals and Benefits

This strategic partnership focuses on several key objectives:

Advanced Training

Founderz Artificial Intelligence Master students will have the opportunity to learn directly from iSocialWeb professionals, acquiring practical knowledge and real experiences in the development and implementation of artificial intelligence solutions applied to the field of digital marketing. Thus, each student will have the opportunity to acquire first-hand knowledge derived from direct experience in real use cases to transfer them to their daily work and be more efficient in their work.

Ongoing Research

The collaboration between iSocialWeb and the online business school will not only be limited to teaching, but will also extend to joint research projects. Seeking to identify, document and showcase new use cases of Artificial Intelligence that can lead to significant productivity improvements in the field of marketing and data analytics.

Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

The collaboration strengthens the bridge between academia and business, allowing iSocialWeb to identify emerging talent directly from the master’s program.

Key Syinergies

The convergence of iSocialWeb and Founderz creates an environment conducive to synergy and cross-disciplinary collaboration. iSocialWeb’s mastery of digital marketing enriches Founderz’s artificial intelligence training, while the use of Microsoft technologies facilitates the use, application and learning of state-of-the-art resource tools. 

Together, these pillars demonstrate how the union of knowledge, education and technology can trigger a positive revolution.

In conclusion:

The strategic alliance between iSocialWeb and Founderz is a testament to the power of collaboration between different players in industry, education and technology. This union will undoubtedly contribute to transform education in artificial intelligence and foster innovation in the digital world, charting a path towards a brighter and more connected future.

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