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What is it, importance and fundamentals

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What Meta keywords are

Meta Keywords are a specific type of meta tag that appears in the HTML code of a web page and were used to help search engines to indicate what was the subject of the page or URL in question. They are currently in disuse since Google announced that it no longer takes them into account for positioning

What they are used for

The truth is that… for nothing or almost nothing. Its use in SEO is obsolete and has become irrelevant. Even so, we can still find them in the HTML code of some pages. Many developers still include them by default.

Meta keywords example

Meta Keywords

In Conclusion:

This type of meta tags are in disuse and we recommend you not to pay attention to them. In SEO there are hundreds of other relevant factors and signals to take care of and little time to waste.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Meta Keywords of a web page are not taken into account by search engines. If you want to find out why they are no longer relevant, you can get to the bottom of this issue by consulting our wiki.

No. We do not recommend it, although you are free to do so. Using them will neither benefit you nor harm you, but it will waste the time that you need for other tasks that do have an impact on SEO.

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