GPT Chat Plugins: What they are and how to install the GPT Chat plugin

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What are GPT Chat plugins

Plugins are add-ons or extensions that are used to add new functionality or features to existing software. In the case of ChatGPT, plugins are tools created specifically for this language model that allow you to access up-to-date information from specific sources and enhance your ability to interact with users.

For example, one of the plugins available for ChatGPT is the web search plugin, which allows the chat to search for specific information on the web and provide relevant results to users. Another example of a plugin is video processing, which helps ChatGPT to better understand visual content and provide more accurate and appropriate responses.

In addition, there are plugins that allow ChatGPT to execute code more reliably and securely, which can be very useful for users who need to perform complex or advanced tasks. There are also plugins that allow ChatGPT to access information from third-party services, such as Expedia or Kayak, to provide flight recommendations, car rental prices and other related services.

Only available in Chat GPT Plus

How to install GPT Chat plugin

Although, as of today, GPT Chat plugins are free, this option is only available in the paid version. The cost of GPT Chat Plus is $20/month and this subscription can be done from your GPT Chat side menu: Upgrade to Plus.

Activate ChatGPT plugins by visiting your settings

To get started, you need to access the ChatGPT settings section. Once there, look for the option to activate plugins and make sure to enable them.


Enabling plugins within the ChatGPT chat interface

Once you have enabled the plugins in the settings, go to the ChatGPT chat interface. You will see an option to enable plugins. Make sure to enable this feature to be able to use plugins in your conversations.

instalacion plugin chat gpt

Installing a ChatGPT plugin

Now it is time to choose and install the plugin you want to use. You can browse through the different plugins available and select the ones that are relevant to your needs. Follow the instructions provided to install the plugin on your ChatGPT.

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Activate up to 3 plug-ins by selecting the check mark next to the plug-in.

Once you have installed several plugins, you can activate up to 3 of them at the same time. In the list of installed plugins, find the one you want to use and select the check mark next to it. This will indicate that the plugin is activated and ready to be used in your conversations.

plugins store

Reference the plugin or an action that the plugin is able to perform within your indication in ChatGPT

Now that the plugins are activated, you can use them in your conversations. When you type your prompt in ChatGPT, you can reference the specific plugin you want to use or a specific action that the plugin can perform. ChatGPT will recognize this and try to provide the corresponding response or action.


Plugins are a way to extend ChatGPT capabilities and enhance its functionality by allowing you to access up-to-date and specific information from different sources. The accuracy of the response will depend on both the quality of the prompt used and the quality of the ChatGPT plugin.

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