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What is a Sponsored Post

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What is a Sponsored Post or Sponsored Article?

A sponsored post is any type of publication made in blogs, online media or social networks that includes content for which you have paid.n

What a Sponsored Post is forn

Sponsors and advertisers use this type of content to promote their products, services or brand less directly, taking advantage of the authority of a media outlet or blogger to make themselves known. n
Therefore, it is a less intrusive way of presenting themselves to the public and with the advantage of being recommended by someone with authority in the sector.n
On the other hand, the editors of the media, blogs, or social network accounts that accept this type of sponsored publications, obtain quality content to publish of interest to their audience and monetary or in-kind compensation to maintain their activity.nn
In this way, users, advertisers and media are all winners.

Benefits of sponsored posts

A sponsored post, if you follow good practices and a strategy aligned with your content marketing, has multiple advantages for the advertiser and the media publisher.n
On the one hand, the advertiser has access to a segmented audience aligned by their interest with their product – service, so that they can capture highly qualified web traffic to their website with many possibilities of converting those visits into sales. n
On the other hand, the media is rewarded and gets to release useful content to its audience.
In addition, both generate content with which to feed the organic reach for their companies.

Types of sponsored postsn

There are two different types of sponsored posts:
The first ones are designed to be published within a social network such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc… and are very useful to get a boost of traffic and impulse buying.n
The second one is used with a medium to long-term approach. On the one hand, the aim is to capture qualified transactional traffic and at the same time obtain an authority link that sends signals to Google. n

Where to Buy Sponsored Posts

Some of the best-sponsored post platforms you can find are:
Each one has a base of blogs or media that accept this type of sponsored content, which can be accessed by advertising companies or publishers interested in publishing sponsored content.n

In conclusion:

Creating sponsored posts is an excellent tool for the digital marketing of any company. n
Properly used, they serve to capture traffic in the short or medium-term that transforms into sales and gain authority in the long term to make the brand known among the desired target audience and boost a website in Google. n
If you are a blog or media publisher, it is a source of recurring income to improve the ROI of your business.n
Important: Whether you are an advertiser or a media company, you should pay attention to details and give a strategic approach to this type of publication. You should avoid publishing on sites with a poor reputation that could damage your brand or abusing this type of content in media or blogs because it could lead to penalties. n
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