What Googlebot is

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What Googlebot is

Googlebot is the generic name for the different web crawling software used by Google to collect information from web pages and then create the results pages that Google provides to users in its search engine.

What it is used for

This crawler is used to collect information from the different domains that exist on the web in a fast and efficient way and then feed its database.

How Googlebot Works

Like all crawlers or spiders web, Googlebot uses links, sitemaps and databases of links discovered during previous crawls to determine which websites to crawl next.

Each time the crawler finds new links on a site, it adds them to the list of pages to visit.

A key feature of Googlebot is its great ability to simultaneously crawl millions of web pages. Even so, the Internet is so large that Google itself is forced to rationalize its resources.

This is what is known in SEO as the crawl budget.

In this way, the robot prioritizes the crawl frequencies and times for each page according to an internal algorithm known only to Google itself, which in principle depends on the authority or importance of the website.

Google Crawlers List

Google has different bots to crawl a website according to its services. These are the following:
  • APIs-Google
  • AdSense
  • AdsBot for Mobile Web on Android
  • AdsBot for Mobile Web
  • AdsBot
  • Googlebot-Image
  • Googlebot-News
  • Googlebot-Video
  • Googlebot for desktop computers
  • Googlebot for smartphones
  • AdSense for mobile devices
  • Mobile Apps for Android
  • Feedfetcher
  • Google read aloud
  • Duplex on the web
  • Google Page Icon
  • Web Light
  • Google StoreBot
Each one has its own particularities, but as of today, the most relevant ones are still Googlebot Mobile and Desktop.

In Conclusion:

Understanding Googlebot’s crawling process and how it works is essential to better work on SEO.

Once we understand what Googlebot does, how it explores links, classifies the pages of a website, or records information about them, we can start using SEO techniques to optimize content for your visitors.

Important: to make sure Googlebot can correctly index your site, you should check that your site is crawlable, loads fast and has a correctly configured robots.txt file.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Googlebot is the tool used by Google to explore and collect information from different websites. Knowing how it works and the different bots used by the search engine is essential to optimize our SEO efforts.


Googlebot employs the simultaneous processing of several crawling processes at the same time called multi-threading, combined with specialized crawlers specifically targeted to certain types of content or websites. In this way, it is able to use an image crawler to index jpg, png, etc., videos, or search engine advertising.