Top 14 Best AI Newsletters and Machine Learning to Stay Informed

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Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are rapidly evolving fields, with new developments happening every day. 

As an AI enthusiast, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest advances, tools, trends and news.

Thankfully, there are some great AI and machine learning focused newsletters that do the work of curating and summarizing the most important happenings for you.

This article outlines the 14 best AI and machine learning newsletters to subscribe to if you want to stay up-to-date on the latest in this exciting space. 

Whether you are a business leader, developer, researcher or just fascinated by the power and potential of AI, these newsletters will help to keep you posted.

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Why Do I Need an AI Newsletter?

Here are some key reasons why subscribing to one or more AI focused newsletters is worthwhile:

  •         Get a weekly or monthly summary. Rather than trying to keep up with AI news daily, newsletters condense the most significant developments, research, innovations and ideas into one email.
  •         Stay on top of trends. The world of AI moves extremely fast. Newsletters help identify emerging technologies, new opportunities and important trends.
  •         Learn about new tools & techniques. Many newsletters highlight new open source libraries, frameworks, datasets and models that you can leverage in your own projects.
  •         Monitor the leading companies. Key players in AI and machine learning like Google, Microsoft, NVIDIA and OpenAI often make announcements about new products, services, acquisitions and research which newsletters capture.
  •         Keep ethics top of mind. As the use of AI accelerates, understanding its impacts on society will be crucial. Some newsletters make AI ethics and governance a core focus.

In short, AI newsletters enable you to stay effortlessly informed on the latest developments, opportunities and conversations.

Best AI Newsletter Reviews and Grades (1-5) Summary Table

 If you don’t have time to read our article, take a close look at this summary table and decided which AI newsletter, from the list, best suit your interests:

Tabla Resumen

Newsletter Grade Frequency Justification Pros Cons Thematic Orientation
The Rundown 4.8 Daily Well-rounded coverage, easy to read, informative Balanced overview, experienced writers May be too general for some Broad AI landscape, current events, diverse topics
Big Brain 4.6 Bi-weekly Career-focused, practical advice, insightful Unique niche, valuable information Less frequent updates Careers in AI, salary ranges, industry trends
AI Breakfast 4.5 Bi-weekly Daily summaries, concise, easy to digest Quick updates, convenient format and focus on papers and future trends In-depth, may be too long and difficult to digest Top AI news & research, daily updates, diverse topics
Prompt Engineering Daily 4.5 Daily Focused on NLP, daily updates, technical Specialized content, timely information May be too light for the experienced user Latest NLP developments, new papers & tools, technical insights
TheSequence 5 Weekly and Bi-weekly Thought-provoking, explores societal implications, ethical discussions In-depth analysis, expert authors Not for everyone, abstract concepts Broader implications of AI, ethics, future of work
The Neuron 4.2 Daily Monthly, in-depth analysis, technical focus Light summaries, expert insights Too frequent updates, specialized topics Latest AI trends & breakthroughs, technical analysis
AI Ethics Brief 4.7 Weekly Weekly, discusses ethical issues, responsible AI development Important topic, diverse perspectives May be too focused on ethics for some Ethical implications of AI, bias, transparency, control
AlphaSignal 4.4 Weekly Investment-focused, insights into AI startups Unique information, valuable for investors Not for everyone, limited scope AI startups, investment opportunities, market trends
Superhuman 5 Daily Practical AI applications, productivity tips, user experience Actionable insights, unique focus, 400k users Limited scope, not for everyone AI for productivity & user experience, practical tips & tricks
Practical AI 4.8 Weekly Business-oriented, specific AI applications, actionable insights Valuable for businesses, diverse examples Less focused on research, specific use cases Practical applications of AI, business benefits, real-world examples
Last Week in AI 4.3 Weekly Weekly curated articles, diverse topics, user-friendly Convenient format, good overview Not as in-depth, curated selection Weekly AI news & research digest, diverse topics, user-friendly
Unwind AI 4.1 Daily Concise summaries, key topics, user-friendly Easy to read, quick updates Not as in-depth, limited information Key AI news summaries, concise format, user-friendly
Ben’s Bites 4.5 Daily Curated AI news, demos, startups, quick overview Diverse topics, interesting discoveries Up to 3 in-depth articles analysis and relevant topic selection AI news, trends, startups, demos, quick updates
Lore 4.2 Weekly AI news & insights with storytelling approach Unique format, engaging narrative Limited scope, not for everyone AI news & insights, storytelling format, engaging content

The Top 14 AI & Machine Learning Newsletters in Depth Analysis

Based on popularity, insight, analysis and coverage, here are 14 exceptional AI newsletters worth subscribing to:

1. The Rundown (Grade: 4.8)


The Rundown offers a well-rounded overview of the AI landscape, covering news, research, and business developments in a clear and informative way.

Frequency: Daily

Who should join: Anyone who wants to stay up-to-date on the latest AI advancements without getting bogged down in technical details.

What to expect: Weekly emails with concise summaries of key events, diverse topics, and insights from experienced writers.

2. Big Brain (Grade: 4.6)

image6 2

Big Brain provides valuable resources and insights specifically for those interested in careers in AI. It offers salary data, career advice, and industry trends.

Frequency: Bi-Weekly

Who should join: Anyone considering a career in AI, wanting salary information, or seeking guidance in the field.

What to expect: Bi-weekly emails with in-depth articles, practical advice from experts, and insights into specific AI job roles.

3. AI Breakfast (Grade: 4.5)

image11 1

AI Breakfast serves as a quick and convenient way to stay informed about the latest AI news and research. It offers daily summaries of the top stories in a concise and easy-to-digest format.

Frequency: Bi-Weekly

Who should join: Anyone who wants a quick daily update on the most important AI developments without investing a lot of time.

What to expect: Daily emails with short summaries of top news and research, diverse topics, and convenient daily updates.

4. Prompt Engineering Daily (Grade: 4.5)


Prompt Engineering Daily focuses specifically on the latest advancements in NLP and AI language models. It provides timely information on new papers, research projects, and tools.

Frequency: Bi-Weekly

Who should join: Anyone interested in the field of NLP, researchers, developers, and anyone wanting to keep up with the latest language model advancements.

What to expect: Daily emails with technical insights into NLP developments, new papers and tools, and updates on the latest research.

5. TheSequence (Grade: 5)

image10 1

TheSequence delves deeper into the broader implications of AI, exploring its impact on society, ethics, and the future of work. It offers insightful discussions and thought-provoking articles about AI, machine learning and data science. They offer to versions: Scope which is free and Edge a premium newsletter delivered twice a week.

Frequency: Weekly, and Bi-weekly

Who should join: Anyone interested in the deeper societal implications of AI, those concerned about ethics, and anyone wanting to understand the future of AI in our world.

What to expect: Weekly emails with in-depth analysis, expert opinions on ethical considerations, and discussions on the future of AI.

6. The Neuron (Grade: 4.2)

image2 3

The Neuron focuses on providing in-depth analysis of the latest AI trends and breakthroughs. It offers expert insights and technical details for a deeper understanding.

Frequency: Daily

Who should join: Researchers, developers, and anyone wanting a deep dive into the latest AI advancements with technical analysis.

What to expect: Daily emails with detailed articles on cutting-edge AI research, technical insights, and analysis from leading experts.

7. AI Ethics Brief (Grade: 4.7)

image1 3

AI Ethics Brief addresses the crucial topic of ethical considerations in AI development and use. It offers diverse perspectives and discussions on critical issues like bias, transparency, and control.

Frequency: Weekly

Who should join: Anyone concerned about the ethical implications of AI, developers, policymakers, and anyone interested in responsible AI development.

What to expect: Weekly emails with discussions on ethical issues, diverse perspectives from experts, and insights on how to ensure responsible AI development.

8. AlphaSignal (Grade: 4.4)

image3 3

AlphaSignal caters specifically to investors and entrepreneurs interested in the AI industry. It offers insights into promising AI startups, investment opportunities, and market trends.

Frequency: Weekly

Who should join: Investors, entrepreneurs, and anyone interested in the business side of AI and investment opportunities in the field.

What to expect: Weekly emails with analyses of promising AI startups, insights on investment opportunities, and updates on market trends in the AI industry.

9. Superhuman (Grade: 5)

image8 1

Superhuman focuses on the practical applications of AI for productivity and user experience. It offers actionable tips and insights on how to use AI to improve your daily life.

Frequency: Daily

Who should join: Anyone interested in using AI to be more productive, enhance their workflow, and improve their user experience with technology.

What to expect: Daily emails with practical tips and tricks on using AI for productivity, user experience case studies, and insights from experts in the field.

10. Practical AI (Grade: 4.8)

image7 1

Practical AI provides valuable resources for businesses interested in implementing AI solutions. It offers real-world examples, case studies, and insights on specific AI applications in various industries.

Frequency: Daily

Who should join: Business owners, managers, and anyone interested in using AI to improve their business processes, increase efficiency, and gain a competitive advantage.

What to expect: Daily emails about AI trends and its implications in business and work environments.

11. Last Week in AI (Grade: 4.3):

image5 2

Last Week in AI offers a curated selection of AI news and research articles in a convenient and user-friendly format. It provides a good overview of diverse topics in a concise weekly digest.

Frequency: Weekly

Who should join: Anyone seeking a quick weekly update on various AI developments without investing much time, those new to the field, and anyone who prefers a curated selection of articles.

What to expect: Weekly emails with summaries of key AI news stories, diverse topics covered, and a user-friendly format for quick reading.

12. Unwind AI (Grade: 4.1):

image4 3

Unwind AI focuses on providing concise summaries of key AI news stories in an easy-to-read format. It allows users to stay informed without getting overwhelmed by technical details.

Frequency: Daily

Who should join: Anyone seeking a quick and easy way to stay informed about the latest AI advancements without getting bogged down in complex information, those new to the field, and busy individuals.

What to expect: Daily emails with short summaries of key AI news stories, user-friendly format for quick reading, and clear and concise writing style.

13. Ben's Bites (Grade: 4.5):


Ben’s Bites offers a curated selection of interesting AI news, demos, and startups. It provides a diverse overview of the field and highlights interesting discoveries.

Frequency: Daily

Who should join: Anyone seeking a quick and interesting overview of the AI landscape, those who enjoy discovering new AI developments, and those who prefer a curated selection of content.

What to expect: Daily emails with a mix of news, demos, and startup profiles, diverse topics covered, and interesting discoveries in the AI field.

14. Lore (Grade: 4.2):


Lore presents AI news and insights through a unique storytelling approach. It makes the information engaging and helps readers connect with the stories behind the technology.

Frequency: Weekly

Who should join: Anyone interested in AI who enjoys a more engaging and narrative-driven format, those who want to connect with the human stories behind AI advancements, and those who prefer a less technical approach.

What to expect: Bi-weekly emails with AI news and insights presented through stories and narratives, engaging writing style, and a focus on the human element behind AI advancements.

Bottom line

To recap, here are some of the main reasons to subscribe to one or more AI and machine learning focused newsletters:

  •         Condensed summaries of the most important news
  •         Identifying trends and future opportunities
  •         Discovering new open source tools to leverage
  •         Tracking key companies and industry developments
  •         Maintaining awareness of AI ethics topics
  •         Saving time compared to daily news consumption

As artificial intelligence and machine learning shape more of our world, staying informed on the latest advances, debates and implications will only grow in importance. 

These exceptional AI newsletters remove the effort needed to actively aggregate all the day’s news yourself.

So subscribe to one or more that catch your interest and rest easier knowing you’ll stay up-to-date on the AI revolution!


Unwind AI, Ahead of AI, and Generative AI are some of the top newsletters that cover the power of AI and provide insights into the latest AI projects and advancements in the field.

Subscribing to weekly or monthly newsletters such as AI Valley, AI Tidbits, or AI Hustle can help you stay up to date with the latest AI developments and trends.

Newsletters like Deep Learning Digest and Data Science AI Weekly offer comprehensive insights into deep learning and data science in the AI world.

 Yes, AI World and AI Insights are popular free newsletters about AI that offer valuable information and updates on the latest AI technology.

Daily AI and Daily AI Briefing are excellent choices for receiving daily updates and staying informed about the latest AI projects and advancements.

Yes, AI Tool and AI Expertise are examples of newsletters written by AI experts, providing insights and analysis on AI technology and trends.

You can refer to the guide to AI newsletters or explore popular AI platforms to discover the best AI newsletters that cater to your specific interests in AI.

Ahead of AI and Generative AI are newsletters that focus on generative AI and offer insights into the latest AI projects and technological advancements.

AI Weekly and AI Hustle are popular newsletters that cover a wide range of AI topics and provide insights into popular AI trends and advancements.

Newsletters such as AI Platforms and AI Tools provide valuable information and updates on the latest AI tools and platforms, keeping subscribers informed about AI technology and advancements.

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