SEM positioning

Search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns can be a big investment or a waste of money.

Do you want to optimize search and shopping campaigns?

We use our experience and know-how to analyze the characteristics of each project and its target.

In this way we get that your initial investment reports benefits and from there you can apply bigger campaigns and increase the reach exponentially.

Our knowledge of SEM allows us to prevent you from investing in sectors that are not very interesting for your project or that do not have a good quality-price ratio.

Get short-term results to grow little by little and thus you will have a wider margin for growth.

One of the advantages of relying on iSocialWeb to successfully run your SEM campaigns is that we analyze the performance of each action in depth, so we know how to act in order to hit the key and optimize the results.

Logically, we are aware of all the trends in the field of SEM, which allows us to adapt faster than anyone else and get more benefits than the competition. One of the advantages of this means of advertising over traditional ones is that it gives the customer greater control, so you can make adjustments and increase the efficiency of campaigns.

We offer an AdWords consultancy service and manage your campaigns by tracking the conversions and microconversions with the different attribution models.

To do this, we analyze the level of quality:

In addition, we can combine them with other Google PPC systems such as MyBusiness or Hotel Ads. The interaction between them generates a traction that improves the results and increases the profitability of the ads.

One of the keys to our success is the automation of the campaign, once the algorithm understands what we want and how we want it. In this way, we achieve the objective of increasing the ROAS of your campaign month after month.

In iSocialWeb we take care of all the work:

From the creation of the ads to their implementation. We perform a daily follow-up to see how they behave and optimize them if necessary.

Do you want to dominate your market niche?

We take into account the campaigns of the competition to overcome them and be higher on Google, which becomes more visits and leads for your website.

As we take care of each campaign from start to finish and are in constant communication with the client, we are able to optimize ads based on the company's marketing objectives and how you want to reach the target audience.

Our experience in SEM with clients from different sectors allows us to adapt to your project. Trust us to increase the effectiveness of your advertising and manage campaigns in a personalized way.

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