Make your business more visible thanks to SEO

Our team will offer you an SEO strategy designed to fit the needs of your company and be able to climb positions in search engines in a natural and stable way.

That's why we recommend you to go for assured success strategies

WE ELABORATE: A strategy of linkbuilding and contents adapted to the needs of your business.

WE UPDATE: The Google MyBusiness file to obtain better results in the leading search engine.

WE INCREASE: Organic traffic and improve the management of your brand online.

WE ANALYZE: The most appropriate terminology to achieve conversions (body-tail and long-tail).

WE PREVENT: Algorithm changes in Google and avoid penalties.

Through the use of specialized tools we do our work quickly and efficiently.

This allows us to offer your business a competitive advantage that translates into an increase in visits and a better conversion rate.

Our experience in different sectors allows us to adapt our work to the characteristics of each client and attack the most interesting keywords at a transactional level.

We turn your website into the perfect showcase for the advantages of hiring your services or products. In this way, we generate interest in the visitors of the page and encourage them to go through the different sections.

In each moment we establish the importance of what we should promote as well as the segmentation of the web by clusters, starting to work on the most important from the beginning. Once the objectives are defined and our competitors observed we begin to work the On-Page SEO of our indexable pages as well as the optimal architecture that the web should have.

Experts in CTR (Click Through Rate)

We try to position ourselves only for those searches that our customers' websites can satisfy. And is that a good UX, to our understanding, is impossible if you cover too much. Does the overall quality score of the URLs ring a bell? That is why we have commented that a good keyword research is fundamental.

We do not forget that it’s the spiders of search engines who crawls our website. Therefore, we must know their behavior and how they interact with our website, and we do so through the events of those bots in the logs of our server. From that, we must know how the search engines process the information of the pages of our clients, both the URLs of origin and all the resources that they load in it.

To ensure the optimal state of the web, we also do the following:


isocialwebRevision of cannibalizations: ahrefs (historical)

isocialwebInternationalization: Hreflang

isocialwebAnalysis of correct use of keywords in headings and text

isocialwebDepth and deeplinking

isocialwebWPO + Accessibility

isocialwebBasic SEO Errors: Titles, Goals, Headings

isocialwebStatus errors

isocialwebHidden text and hidden links

isocialwebDMCA Plagiarism Review

isocialwebStructured Data

isocialwebProfile of external and internal links

One of the benefits of having a guaranteed web positioning is that it brings good image and reliability to the brand. If you appear in the first results for different keywords, the terminology by which your business is known will be expanded and your commercial opportunities will increase.

Get qualified traffic to increase the number of users coming to your website and generate more business. After all, the most important thing for a company is to obtain new revenue streams, and in that sense being well positioned on Google allows a greater long-term viability of your business plan.

Improve the profitability of your business on the Internet thanks to a work environment with optimizations and automations that allow you to know better what the customer needs and what path to take to outperform the competition.


Do you want to increase the visibility of your website?

To position your business well online, your website needs a number of features or the competition will literally pass you over in search engines. Our experience in SEO allows us to adapt to the needs of your company and develop a strategy to climb positions in SERPs.

1. We analyse your current website and correct the on-page problems that have a negative impact on positioning.

2. We establish a strategy of internal and external links.

3. We make modifications in social and professional profiles to boost local SEO.

4. We improve the management of your brand at an organic level to boost this type of traffic.

5. We increase the usability of the web so that browsing it is easier and more intuitive, with the aim of turning users into clients.

You are aware of the importance of positioning your brand on the Internet, but the processes to achieve it can be very technical and require time that you do not have or that you prefer to dedicate to actions in which you are specialized.

That's why iSocialWeb is your solution

Through SEO strategies with proven effectiveness, we improve the organic positioning of your website. At the same time, we optimize your website at a technical level so that Google robots can better interpret the information of both the home page and the landing pages.

To optimize the sale of services and products through the Internet there are specialized tools that we are used to use.

In terms of page management, WordPress has established itself as the most widely used CMS, so we know its full potential in terms of customization and thus adapt your website aesthetically and functionally to the needs of the business.

Our SEO work is in line with the design and web development, so the online marketing strategy is done in an integrated way and professionals from different areas of work are in constant communication to achieve a page with consistency and cohesion.

Do you need an SEO audit?

To better understand the actions to be implemented, we study the state of your website and analyze the following aspects:

The current status of your website

Your market niche and how to attack it

The optimization tasks we can offer you

With this first assessment, we can offer you a roadmap strategy when you hire our services and we start working together.

For an SEO campaign to perform properly, it is not enough to implement isolated actions and expect results. At iSocialWeb we do a constant work of análisis, not only of the own website but also of those of the competition. That is how we acquire a panoramic knowledge of the characteristics and needs of the sector, as well as the latest trends in order to take advantage of the transactional opportunities accessed through specific terminology and long-tail keywords.

Another important part of positioning is content. If you've ever heard that it's important to have a blog, it's true...but if it's used correctly. To make writing articles work for something, we develop a strategy of content, titles, headings and keywords to enhance the visibility of your brand based on the sections of your business that you want to highlight. You can be the one who provides us with the articles or you can trust our copywriting department, always taking into account the keywords you want to position.

In short, if you are looking for an SEO consultant who works efficiently, our agency has long experience and numerous success cases. Trust iSocialWeb to get a competitive advantage in your sector and we will take care of all the parameters that influence the positioning of your website.


Trust iSocialWeb and we will make your company succeed in the digital environment. We will improve your search engine positioning and make you a leader in your sector in Barcelona.

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