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Whenever we launch an online project, whether it is a website, app or SaaS, we look for something above all: Profitability. Therefore, it is not enough to have an elegant, beautiful or very well positioned website. What must be achieved is to maximize sales and leads within your project. In iSocialWeb, we know the only way to do that is through a very exhaustive analysis of the following factors:

What lead generation services we offer

If you are looking to acquire traffic for your project, we recommend that you hire our services in SEO, SEM and, if it is for your app, ASO. In terms of conversions, we know from experience that the only way to add real value to your project is to understand all the phases that a user follows before becoming a lead:

isocialweb ACQUISITION: We seek your attention. The user finds us through some inbound or outbound marketing channel. We seek to understand which channels are the best converters, which lead magnet is being used, and so on.

isocialweb ACTIVATION: We look for your interest. We get the user's attention to do a certain action (for example, go to the contact landing).

isocialweb OPPORTUNITY: We seek your desire. Once we have the user's interest, we must manage to transform it into desire so that the user finally goes on to carry out the action that we had marked as an objective.

isocialweb LEAD: We look for your action. This is the level at which we meet our goal (user has sent email, buy the product, etc.).

isocialweb REFERENCES: We look for your recommendation. The objective of leads is not to make a sale but that the user who has made it is willing to repeat and tell others.

How we work with link optimization

Through the qualitative and quantitative study of your customers, we apply quick methodology in order to obtain results as quickly as possible. Our analysis cycle consists of:

KNOWLEDGE: We try to understand what users do and what behaviour they follow on the web.

HYPOTHESIS AND VALIDATION: After gathering information and having some qualitative and quantitative ideas, we seek to formulate hypotheses that help us to improve the conversion.

REVIEW AND DECISIONS: In this phase we review the results obtained and decide whether to continue testing or the results are favorable.

WE START OVER: Whether the results are positive or negative, we never stop iterating in order to continue refining the sales funnel.

Do you want your website to be profitable?

Within your marketing strategy, the website is the perfect showcase to publicize your business, but also to get the user to browse and end up buying your services or products. In order to do this, we analyse your competitors in depth and see what they do well and what they do badly. Likewise, we optimize your website to increase conversions.

We improve the user experience on the website

We design the website to encourage the customer to buy

We segment according to the results

We increase your conversions and reduce costs

From the implementation and integration of the analytical system we can define the KPI's and create the control panels. With that, we do the following types of analysis:

Quantitative and qualitative

Multivariants and cohorts


More profitable segments

Taking into account the conclusions of these analyses, UX and CRO techniques are implemented to optimize conversions.

More specifically, our work at CRO analyzes differences in user behavior between app and web versions. It also considers which would be the ideal client and tries to focus the web towards their characteristics and interests.

Actions to meet objectives:

isocialwebDefine leading metrics for a growth analysis.

isocialwebIncrease downloads and future leads converted.

isocialwebDefine and review conversion funnels.

isocialwebDaily monitoring of the process of acquiring and retaining users.

isocialwebImplement A/B tests to improve acquisition.

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