Mobile Apps Positioning

In a context in which apps are becoming more and more important in our daily lives, a good positioning in app stores is crucial to improve their visibility and increase the number of downloads.

From that theoretical base, we move on to a series of technical aspects that allow us to be better positioned in the application stores.

OOn-Metadata optimization of the app card in Google Play and App Store

The title, description, keywords, icon, screenshots and category are the claims offered by app stores to convince the user to download the app. Depending on whether it’s Android or iOS, these items can position and/or affect the conversion, so we optimize them in order to get the best results.

Creation of Off-Metadata positioning strategy

Off-Metadata factors correspond to Off-Page in conventional SEO. The aim is to work on those factors that the brand does not control directly but that are governed by the market. With our work we can influence those factors and improve the visibility of the app, such as mentions and ratings on websites.

Competitor positioning strategy analysis

To understand how the sector works, we analyze the actions of competing applications to establish the strategy to follow and thus encourage the download by the user.

Acquisition of incentivized and non-incentivized downloads (according to budget)

To increase the success of an app, users can be offered rewards for downloading it, even if they have no interest in it. The budget allocated to incentive campaigns influences the app downloads and the ASO strategy, which is complemented by non-incentive or organic downloads, as installation costs (CPI) are increasingly higher.

Monitoring and positioning of competing projects

To implement a successful ASO strategy, we are aware that we must analyze the behavior of the competition in different marketplaces and rankings. That’s how we improve the visibility of our customers and the conversion.

Search for transactional terms to improve ARPU and ARPPU

In order to maximise the return on marketing investment, the choice of transactional keywords directly influences the monetisation of a project. The use of professional techniques and tools allows us to increase the average income per user, taking into account both those who pay as those who do not.

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